It’s just like milk, but different!

Can mainstreamed alternative products retain their subversive quality or does commercialization always lead to de-politicization? In this paper researchers, Christian Fuentes and Maria Fuentes address these questions by examining the marketing of Oatly products – a popular Swedish brand that makes oat-based vegan dairy substitutes.

Caring for community through crafted beer

Around the world, small and independent craft brewing companies have flourished in recent years, and craft beer seems to be at every pub and market place. Often, these products are promoted and consumed as part of place, bound up with locality and situated in global-local political and economic dynamics reifying and diffusing systems of meaning. Within the Gastrocert project – a JPI Heritage Plus project examining creativity and creative entrepreneurship in rural tourism – the research team of the partner countries Sweden and Scotland have explored craft brewers’ understandings of local entrepreneurship in rural areas.

The adventures of doing an interdisciplinary literature review

Interdisciplinarity has become something easily called for and proposed in project proposals – yet, much remains unknown regarding how research teams actually move into this complex and unknown space. This is the dilemma, we, the Gastrocert research team encountered in attempting to implement ‘an exhaustive literature review’. The blog post will tell the tale of what was learnt, constructed and reconsidered from this interdisciplinary adventure.